Since the birth of baby Liam, Korina’s newest addition, we’ve had a bad case of baby fever. So we decided to round up a few inspiring nurseries for our readers to join in on our excitement. Listed below, are 5 nursery designs that will help you get ready for the big day!


    1. The thematic design


    (Designed by TOUIJERDESIGNS. Photo via Project Nursery)


    Have fun and explore the possibilities of creating a theme for your nursery. This theme is based on outdoors and adventures. We love the painted mountain peaks and the use of different hues in order to create depth. Creating a focal point allows you to keep the rest of your furniture neutral. Note that the theme is still very subtle. The worst thing you can do is overload on Winnie the Pooh decals! 


    2. Gender neutral


    (Designed by Akin Design Studio. Photo via HGTV)

    Keeping your main furniture pieces white and adding soft colours will keep your nursery fit for both genders! Perfect for those who decide to keep the gender unknown until birth.


    3- Colourful nursery


    (Designed by Inside Out. Photo via Tinyme)


    A modern and eclectic take on a nursery design. This design style is fun for all ages to grow into because of the use of many different colours. Instead of keeping your furniture pieces neutral, this a great way to keep your walls neutral and have fun with colour in your decor!


    4. Baby girl


    (Designed by Ivy & Stone.Photos via Style me pretty)


    If there’s ever a time you wanted to pair pink and floral together, when having a baby girl, you can! The colour pink tends to be feminine and therefore is considered girly, which gives us the perfect opportunity to go all out for a baby girl’s room. With soft pinks, whites, and warm wood tones, this nursery design is every mother’s dream to have.


    5. Baby boy


    (Designed by Hibou Design & Co.)


    This little boy’s nursery has the perfect combination of soft colours and warm tones. We love painted designs or wallpaper on a crib wall because it fills the empty space without any additional furniture.


    Expecting a child on the way is always a stressful yet exciting moment. Therefore, I'm sure you have many ideas for designing your baby's room and we hope these have helped make a decision in which direction to take!


    Although we're very active on social media about work, we have to admit, we're a little shy and we don't share much about our personal lives. Today we're going to tell you a little more about us, how we met and what's going on in our lives.

    Korina and I have actually known each other for over 12 years. Before joining forces in 2015, we met through mutual friends and even worked together at a supper club back in our younger days. Who am I kidding? Korina is still in her younger days! We also worked at Telus together when I was just starting my business.


    This is us - but a little younger - with our friend that introduced us on the left; Christina, Eugenia, Korina


    Korina had just had her first child and I had a 5-month old when we came up with the idea of creating Hibou. It happened while we were walking through the mall with our infants - typical - and we were discussing Korina going back to work and having little to no time to enjoy with her new family. She knew that she wanted to eventually do something else that would give her the freedom to create her own schedule and be present during key hours of the day when your family needs you most.

    At this point, I had already been working for myself for several years, however, I've always wanted to partner with someone. I felt like it would push me to be consistent and grow the business as well as have someone to share the triumphs and challenges of running a business. The difficult task was finding someone who would make the best partner. I knew Korina had always played with the idea of going into interior design so, I asked her if she would be interested in partnering up. 

    It was definitely a risk, with our friendship on the line, but I knew Korina had an exceptional work ethic and she had done an amazing job decorating her own homes. She's always been creative and we've always been able to communicate easily with each other. She risked the career that she created for herself at Telus and I think we can both agree that it's paid off.

    Since then, we couldn't be happier with our decision. Not only do we see each other every day at work, but our husbands are close friends, our daughters are besties, so we tend to spend a little too much personal time together as well. We even vacation together! That's when you know you have a good dynamic!


    This is us at our last tradeshow in Vegas


    We do however differ in many ways, Korina is more business minded and taught me how to make real money doing what I love. I take risks and Korina plays it safe. I'm the spender, she's the saver. I'm more interested in bringing in new business while Korina's focus is the numbers and how the business runs. Where we're similar is that we're both equally passionate about interior design! We compliment each other and we've learned how to work through our disagreements because there definitely have been a few given our different characters. That being said, I can't imagine this business ever working with someone who was more like me.

    Business aside - Korina just moved into a beautiful home in Laval Sur Le Lac with her husband Patrick, her daughter Mila and she just gave birth to her second child, a beautiful baby boy named Liam. I also have two little ones, Sophia who's almost three and Billie who is turning one this month. I live with my daughters, my wonderful husband Alex and our darling pup Bailey in Ville St Laurent. 


    Our darling daughters together for their first sleepover


    That's pretty much us in a nutshell! With young families and a growing business, finding time for ourselves can be a challenge, so today we're off to spoil ourselves at the spa! #meethibou


    Find Our Bellays Street Project on Style Me Pretty Living today for our top tips about decluttering your home for the new year!

    Check it out HERE!


    As the holiday season approaches, we can't help but look back on the year we're about to close. 2017 was an eventful one!

    It started with Eugenia giving birth to her second daughter, Billie, in January. Shortly after, we moved Hibou into our new office space - our first official office totally dedicated to our business. It took a lot of time to make it ours; renovations and all, and we're still not quite 100% done. Although it's taken a lot of hard work and patience, our office has been home to many laughs, great vibes and an overall happy working environment. We've been able to welcome our wonderful suppliers to our office for learning opportunities and to present new collections to us. We also finally have a space to store all of our samples and grow our inventory of small accessories. Our small team of three has grown closer and more efficient and everyone who walks in can feel that we have a great dynamic!

    During the course of this year, we've completed some pretty awesome projects ranging from small decor to full gut renovations. We've had the pleasure of connecting with our fantastic clients along the way, who we have not only built great relationships with but who have opened our doors to many much-appreciated referrals. 

    Our clients really trusted us to take risks and they allowed us to push them out of their comfort zones which produced some of our best work. It is what led us to be featured on the cover of Montreal Home magazine for our Bellay Street Project.

    Our internship program was also developed this year which introduced us to some impressive upcoming talent in our field. We're so excited to see who it brings to us in 2018.

    2017 started with a birth and will end with a birth since Korina is overdue and will be giving birth any day now to her second child! If we had to describe this year in one sentence, it would be the year of introductions and connections, refining our processes and building our team. It was a good year!

    Follow us on Instagram! Starting on December 27, we'll be counting down our top five projects of 2017! 


    Are you a recent interior design graduate? Or maybe you graduated a few years back and haven't had the right chance to work in the field? We're looking for a sharp, eager interior designer with a great attitude and solid work ethic. Is that you?

    If these qualities speak to you and you are interested in learning more about the business of interior design, you may be the perfect fit for our team. Our internship program is an experience like no other. The years of training you receive in school does not prepare you for what it's really like to work as an interior designer. We know because we've lived it. In this trade, our education comes from the experience of working on real projects. Every company is different and we're inviting you to apply for a unique opportunity that would give you an insight into our business and how we run it!

    What does that mean? We offer our interns one on one direct learning with our entire team. We're talking about a real, hands-on experiences. Our interns are invited to shadow our client consultations as well as take part in the conceptual work involved in our projects. They are introduced to our best trades who we've built close relationships with over the years. By the end of the internship, our candidates understand how we run our small business, the processes involved in both our decor and renovation projects, and how to see a project through from A to Z.

    What do we expect from our interns? We are a small team of hardworking designers who work on over a hundred projects a year. We are ambitious, committed and driven and we are looking for someone who has a similar work ethic. We value punctuality and honesty and we're looking for a team player who is flexible and is up for a challenge. 

    We are always looking to grow and we're therefore looking for serious candidates who show interest in pursuing a career in interior design. If by the end of the internship, we feel that you would be an asset to our business, you may be considered for a permanent position. Please email your CV with the reason why you think you would be the perfect candidate to

    See what our past interns have to say about their experience interning with us;

    "Interning for Hibou Design and Co. is an incredibly rewarding experience. The Hibou team is extremely passionate about their work and are role models for all entrepreneurs in the field.  They are highly professional and productive and encourage you to learn as much as possible. As an intern, you will be exposed to all aspects of the business from consultations, design development, office management and customer service. I highly recommended this experience to anyone who is dedicated to becoming a successful interior designer."

    -Jamie Hansen

    "My experience with Hibou started off as a very insightful opportunity. As an intern, I got to see and live the back end of running a small company and I had the pleasure of working alongside two wonderful designers. This experience allowed me to not only acknowledge their strengths but it allowed them the opportunity acknowledge mine as well. The internship ended and Hibou Design & Co. offered me a full-time position working for the firm as a junior designer."

    -Melinda Recine


    We recently had the pleasure of creating a whimsical surprise for two young children. While they were away on a weekend family trip, we redecorated their two rooms and credited the Christmas elves. They came home to a total overhaul of their spaces, all courtesy of their Elf on the Shelf.

    Our little boy's current obsession is helicopters so we ran with it. This custom mural set the scene and became the focal point of the room. Its saturated colours were repeated on the rug and in some of the art and accessories, while the rest of the room remained neutral.


    We gave him a space to store his toys and display some photos and a personalized bean bag that provided some seating.



    The challenge in this room was to come up with a storage solution for the child's clothing since there is no closet in his bedroom. We were able to pull off an exposed hanging section since, given his age, he doesn't have many articles, so it will not look cluttered. We first mounted wooden shelves from V de V and then used a curtain rod from West Elm to create the pole.





    His sister's room is everything a 7-year-old would wish for. The headboard wall is accentuated using a Harlequin wallpaper that we love. It's whimsical and fun, yet sophisticated enough for her to grow into.





    Facing her bed, she has the perfect reading corner on her kid-size sectional, under her new pink canopy lit by tiny string lights. Since our little client had tons of family photos that meant so much to her, we installed a gallery wall over the sectional to display them along with some fun prints.




    Fluffy pillows and ottomans create extra seating and add depth, while her workspace gives her a corner for her to do her homework.



    Our clients shared a video of the reveal with us that almost made us cry. Seeing these children light up at the sight of their new rooms was probably our most rewarding reaction we've ever witnessed from our clients! Screams, squeals and all!


    This is a conversation we have all the time with our clients. When dealing with a new construction project, our clients often rely on us to provide references for trades or to provide them with guidance on how to choose the right man for the job. When it comes to hiring trades, we've learned that most of the time, just like with most things in life, you get what you've paid for. We like to break down contractors into three main categories and the first step is to choose the category that's right for you. 



    A jobber is a contractor who gets his hands dirty by actually working on the project himself. It may be a one-man show or a small team. This contractor may or may not be RBQ certified. We always suggest that you opt for certified trades since everything is on paper and gives you some kind of insurance should anything go wrong. 

    The main advantage of hiring a jobber is always the price. He has very little overhead, may either be starting up or interested in keeping his business small. The disadvantage is that you're at the mercy of his schedule. When you hire someone who is responsible for doing all or most of the work himself, it's only normal that if his last project runs late, you'll feel it. Or if he gets sick, it will delay your project by a few days. If he injures himself on the job, he may have to put a hold on your project altogether. These projects rarely start and finish on time. Sometimes we get lucky, but it's obviously hard for a jobber to keep a tight schedule and at no fault of their own. 




    The next step up from a jobber are the ones we use for most of our projects. This contractor has a small team or several teams of trades he either employees or subcontracts to. The person you meet with during your first consultation is most likely an owner who doesn't get his hands dirty. Their pricing is in the mid-range and there's an added service that comes with that. If one of their employees calls in sick, they replace them for you. If there's an issue with an installation, they make sure it's resolved. They oversee the project from start to finish by managing and scheduling their trades so you don't have to worry about a thing. They usually have excellent references and are able to respect the schedule.





    A large-scale contractor would employ all of their trades and have several teams working for them on multiple projects at a time. They have an office, a secretary, maybe an in-house designer or even an in-house architect. The person you meet with during your first consultation may be a sales rep or the owner and their job would be to provide you with a quote and to then hand your project off to a project manager who will oversee the work to the end. They have a larger overhead and their prices reflect it, however, of course, you have a different level of service that goes along with that price point. Project start dates are set and respected, deadlines are met and they rarely run into any issues as these tend to be the most experienced of the categories. 



    The needs of every project can vary and each client may have different expectations to meet. We help guide our clients but based on these descriptions, you can probably figure out which is the right category for you. Renovating can be a stressful time and if you set realistic expectations of the person or team you hire, you are less likely to be disappointed throughout the project. 


    Once you've determined which category of contractors you're aiming for, you can start getting quotes. In order for you to feel confident with the person you choose, it can help to get up to three quotes from contractors within the same category. You always want to eliminate the quote that's either much higher or much lower than the other two and you will most likely end up with a couple quotes in the same ballpark. This is not the best field to "price shop" in. Chances are, if one quote is much lower than the others, it's for a reason. The final step is to pick the contractor who you clicked with the most and who's pricing was similar to others. 


    As designers, we realize how time after time trends change as seasons go. We see it in our projects and in our own homes, we eventually always get that urge to make some kind of a change! The thought of redecorating can be overwhelming which is why we thought we’d share how to freshen up your home with simple tips that can make the biggest impact.



    We like to keep our overall room palette neutral because we bring in patterns and colours with pillows. Switching pillow covers from season to season is a small change, but will definitely freshen up the room. Some of our clients will even purchase two sets of pillows during our transformation day, one for the colder months and one for the summer. 




    Investing in a fresh coat of paint will definitely liven up any dated space. Your home is usually due for a new paint job every 5-7 years. Sometimes sooner if the existing colours were too trendy. A colour consultation with one of our colour experts is all you need to make sure the right paint colour is chosen to complement your existing furniture and finishes.





    Switching out your dated hardware is probably the most inexpensive way to make a change in your space. It's an easy transformation that goes a long way. 




    Make a statement. Perhaps your dining room light needs a bigger impact or your flushmounts are outdated and don’t produce enough light. Most of our favourites come from Montreal Lighting, Rejuvenation, and this one below is from West Elm! Click here to get this light!



    We’re not saying to go out and spend thousands of dollars on new pieces, but sometimes your art is being displayed in a room where its beauty does not shine. Perhaps it is currently in the bathroom, but should be showcased in the dining room. Moving your art around can truly make a difference. Reframing can also go a long way. Sometimes all your need is a more current frame or even something as simple as adding a fresh matting if the piece allows for it.


    Blog post by Melinda Recine.