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Kitchen Renovation

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Since 2008, Hibou Design has worked on various kitchen renovation projects in Montreal. Each of our projects reflects our philosophy, where good design meets function, aesthetics, and comfort. Our kitchen renovations have transformed our clients’ daily routines for the better, providing them with ease of movement, more storage space, and of course, an improved visual appeal.

A good kitchen makes a great home. It plays a huge role in your daily routine as you sit down to enjoy a cup of coffee or cook up a meal for the whole family. A great kitchen design incites feelings of comfort, love, and gratification. 

We at Hibou Design understand the value of great kitchen designs. You can trust our team to renew this space with brilliant kitchen ideas. We work with all budgets and spaces, from a condo kitchen renovation to designing kitchens in new constructions or existing homes.

How we do kitchen designs

Hibou Design always starts with your vision. Our goal: to give you the dream kitchen that reflects your personality. During the consultation, we will help you assess your wants and needs. From there, we will create a working layout so you’ll know what to expect as an end result.

Kitchen renovation ideas

Kitchen cabinetry renovation provides your space with proper storage and a harmonious aesthetic. Installations vary from shaker-styled cabinets to flat panels, from full farmhouse  to contemporary clean. We at Hibou Design will always take into consideration the details that make your cabinetry suit the aesthetic you are trying to achieve. 

The countertop is one of the focal points of a kitchen. Natural stone countertops are beautiful and long-lasting, but need lots of care. However, we can provide you with alternatives such as quartz or wood countertops. Whatever you choose, trust us to add more appeal and function to this crucial aspect of your kitchen.

When all these details are combined, they create your perfect holistic kitchen experience. That’s why we take care to assess the hardware, backsplash, lighting, and flooring so that they harmonize with your kitchen’s overall philosophy. Finding the right accessories can be difficult, but with our network of suppliers, we can compare products and pick out the best materials to suit your needs and budget.

The best kitchen renovation designers in Montreal

When you trust us with your kitchen renovation ideas, we give you hassle-free results. From consultation to construction, your experts at Hibou Design will be working with you hand in hand.

Tell us about your project, and let us bring your dream kitchen to life!

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