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Kitchen Renovation

Hibou Design & Co. have been exceeding our clients’ kitchen design expectations in the Montreal area for over 10 years, working on a range of projects from the smallest kitchen remodels to expansive redesigns of the family home’s central living space.

We understand that a great kitchen makes a great home. The kitchen is a place of comfort, love and gratification, and it plays a huge role in your daily routine as you sit down for a quiet coffee, or cook up a meal for the family while the children chat about their day.

We bring the Hibou Design & Co. philosophy into every kitchen design project by meeting function, aesthetics and comfort with good design, creating a kitchen that reflects your personality and needs, and that works for you and your family.

Our kitchen renovation goals are to create a space that transforms your daily routines for the better, providing you with more ease of movement, more storage space, and of course the kind of visual appeal that makes you feel happy every time you relax, cook or entertain in and around your kitchen.

From consultation to dream kitchen

Every kitchen renovation starts with assessing your wants and needs, asking all the right questions to create a working layout that will be a perfect fit for you and your family.

We start with your cabinetry choices which reflect your personal taste and sense of style, and vary from shaker-style to flat panel; full farmhouse to contemporary chic. The expert designers at Hibou Design & Co. will bring together your needs and tastes to provide your space with well-planned storage solutions within the visual design of your choice, enhancing your lifestyle through practicality as well as aesthetics.

Countertops are a main focal point of a kitchen, adding appeal as well as function, and complementing your cabinetry choices. Natural stone countertops are beautiful and long-lasting, wood offers a softer texture and adds character, while quartz is durable and provides an exquisitely seamless finish. Whatever your preference, the Hibou Design & Co. team will be on hand to advise you on selecting the ideal countertops to suit your lifestyle and design choices.

With the big decisions ready for implementation, we’ll bring together the final look and feel through attention to the finer details like hardware, lighting, backsplash and flooring. Drawing on our extensive network of suppliers, we go out of our way to pick the best materials and find the perfect accessories to bring your dream kitchen to life.