About Our Firm

Our mission is to design beautiful homes while focusing on style, overall comfort and liveability for our clients and their families.

We are an innovative team of designers, certified as Maria Killam True Colour Experts. To say that we are creative would be a cliché – but it would also be correct. Hibou Design & Co. has been featured in many local and international publications including Style at HomeMontreal Home, and Style Me Pretty. Based out of Montreal, but with clients in many countries, our projects have ranged widely in size, scope and budget and we work in sync to bring the best in our combined backgrounds, education and experience to make your space suit your needs and lifestyle. 

One of our most important goals is to make our clients’ design project as easy and stress-free as possible by foreseeing and preventing common problems that result in wasted time and money. 

But what we really want to see is, when we leave a room, that the entire space has been pulled together and transformed into something beautiful — and beautifully functional.

Our Team



Korina Khamis combines her passion for interior design with extensive experience in bringing projects in on time and budget. She has workshopped with some of Canada’s leading designers and colour experts including Maria Killam in 2016, when she received her True Colour Expert certification. Her unequaled attention to detail ensures that no corner of any home is unused, wasted or neglected. Combined with her unerring eye for colour, shape and texture, this has allowed her to create charming, warm interiors. “My strength is working with design challenges, whether they be budgets or tricky spaces. I get so much satisfaction when we finally come up with solutions that exceed our client’s expectations.”



A graduate of Montreal’s International Academy of Art and Design, Eugenia Triandos’ many and varied projects have honed both her technical skills and creative approaches to transforming her clients’ homes. In 2014, she became Quebec’s first certified Maria Killam True Colour Expert. She has also workshopped with one of Canada’s leading colour designers, Janice Lindsay. Eugenia loves to keep up with the latest design trends and innovations, sharing ideas and discoveries on our blog and through our social media platform. “I understand that my clients’ homes reflect their personalities and lifestyles,” Eugenia enthuses. “Bringing them fresh ideas while incorporating their individuality is what I do best.”



Melinda’s enthusiasm for design shines through both in her team efforts as well as in the individual projects for which she has taken the lead. Since graduating the interior design program at Dawson college, Melinda has been gaining practical, hands-on experience in our field. She has assumed many roles at Hibou Design & Co. considering she’s been by our sides since nearly the beginning. She has grown into an esteemed Interior Designer and Design Coordinator for both our renovations and decor projects. “The best interior designers listen, observe and then create,” she says. “It has always been my dream to transform my client’s spaces as they imagined them and then take them to a higher level. Seeing how happy they are when they enter their newly re-designed space is one of the reasons I love my job. “

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