About Our Firm

Our mission is to design beautiful homes while focusing on style, overall comfort and liveability for our clients and their families.

We are an innovative team of designers, certified as Maria Killam True Colour Experts. To say that we are creative would be a cliché – but it would also be correct. Hibou Design & Co. has been featured in many local and international publications including Style at HomeMontreal Home, and Style Me Pretty. Based out of Montreal, but with clients in many countries, our projects have ranged widely in size, scope and budget and we work in sync to bring the best in our combined backgrounds, education and experience to make your space suit your needs and lifestyle. 

One of our most important goals is to make our clients’ design project as easy and stress-free as possible by foreseeing and preventing common problems that result in wasted time and money. 

But what we really want to see is, when we leave a room, that the entire space has been pulled together and transformed into something beautiful — and beautifully functional.

Our Team



Korina Khamis is the Co-Founder and Principal Designer at Hibou Design & Co. She has work-shopped with some of Canada’s leading designers, including renowned colour expert Maria Killam, and is herself a certified True Colour Expert. Korina thrives in the face of design challenges, whether it’s a tight budget or tricky room dimensions. Her unerring eye for colour, style, and function ensures every inch of space is used efficiently and beautifully. “I have always been hands-on and artistic, and I seized the opportunity to turn that love of art into a career. Being able to see projects become a reality is extremely rewarding.”



Eugenia Triandos is the Co-Founder and Principal Designer at Hibou Design & Co. She started out in the industry at the young age of 22, when she opened her own freelance interior design business. Eight years later, she partnered with Korina to open Hibou Design & Co. Eugenia is a graduate of the International Academy of Art & Design, she is a certified Maria Killam True Colour Expert, and has work-shopped with one of Canada’s leading colour experts, Janice Lindsay. Eugenia has her ear to the ground on all the latest interior trends, which she shares on her blog, social media channels, and interior designs. “I adore the mix of structure and creativity that comes from being a designer. It’s the perfect balance of working with clients, suppliers, and in solitude.”



Sabrina Larivière is a Design Associate at Hibou Design & Co. As a graduate of Dawson College’s Interior Design program, Sabrina is an eager learner and continues to build on her experience through her collaborations with the Hibou design team. Before landing at Hibou, Sabrina’s professional experience included customer service and a brief stint in the plumbing and lighting industry. Her keen eye for detail and a deep-rooted passion for good design are her strengths. “I love being in an industry that is always changing and evolving. No two days are the same.”


Design associate

Tiara Bucci is a Design Associate at Hibou Design & Co. She ensures interior design projects meet Hibou’s high creative standards while staying on track from an organizational standpoint. Before joining the Hibou team, Tiara studied Interior Design at Dawson College, Marketing at McGill, and held a professional role as an interior designer and project manager at the shared-workplace firm, Breather. Tiara’s interior design experience and strengths are matched by a personal passion for furniture design, residential remodelling, and digital photography. “It’s so amazing being able to design the most intimate rooms for our clients, and then seeing how happy they are with their new space. The dynamic among the Hibou team is so energetic and allows us to bounce ideas off each other so easily. It makes for a great collaborative environment!”



Design associate

Julia Lobasso is a Design Associate at Hibou Design & Co. With an AEC in Interior Design & Architecture from Inter-Dec College, she ensures that all of Hibou’s interior design projects meet our high creative standards. Before joining our team, Julia worked in an Architectural firm as an Interior Designer and in the ceramic business. Julia’s attention to detail and ruthless work ethic is what makes her great at what she does. Her passion for design comes through in nearly every aspect of her work. “I’m good at my job because I absolutely love what I do. The greatest feeling is presenting your work to a client and having them fall in love with what you’ve designed.”


Design associate

Jennifer Paragios is a Design Associate at Hibou Design & Co. She makes sure our interior design projects meet Hibou’s creative standards while also keeping the organization on track. She graduated with honours from Dawson College in Interior Design and Studied Management at Concordia’s John Molson School of Business. Before joining our growing team, Jennifer designed private boutique gyms at fitness-tech startup, Silofit and freelanced for a condo development firm in Griffintown. Jennifer’s genuine passion for the industry is what makes her great at her job. “I love that my job challenges me to find the best functional solution while simultaneously exercising my creativity – the balance between the two is nothing short of satisfying.”



Olivia Falduto is an Interior Designer and Design Coordinator at Hibou Design & Co. Her academic background is varied, with a Bachelor of Arts in Irish Studies, a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design, and a Masters Candidate in Design. You might call Olivia a “people person,” with 14 years of customer service experience, six of them specific to the interior design industry. But, according to her, the rewards she enjoys most in her professional field are the emotional ones. “I love the family-like feeling we have as a team at Hibou. It is also so satisfying to see our clients smile when their dream designs come together.”


Procurement Specialist

Michelle Osele is a Procurement Specialist at Hibou Design & Co. She’s responsible for organizing products and materials and coordinating deliveries for Hibou’s numerous projects. Before joining our team, Michelle received a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from Concordia University and worked as a project and staff manager at b.cyle. Although she’s not in a design role per se, her style absolutely oozes design. She is efficient, proactive, and a great communicator, which makes her ideal for this role. “I love building relationships with clients and suppliers and being part of a great team. I’m looking forward to growing with Hibou Design!”



Nicholas Ouellette is an Architectural Technologist at Hibou Design & Co. Nicholas studied social science at Dawson College and architectural technology at Vanier. His fine-tuned understanding of the construction process gives him a behind-the-scenes perspective that allows him to clearly communicate Hibou’s vision to the contractors who take the project from plan to reality. “I enjoy bridging the gap between an idea and a completed design. Working for a design firm like Hibou, I love finding ways to complete projects without compromising the aesthetic of the original idea.”


Architectural Technologist

Logan MacCuspic is an Architectural Technologist at Hibou Design & Co. Before joining the Hibou team, he lived in Calgary, studying Architectural Technology & Design at Calgary’s Visual College of Art & Design. As soon as he arrived in Montreal, it didn’t take long to see just how great he is at overcoming project challenges by collaborating with the rest of our team to find functional yet highly aesthetic solutions. “I love to see an idea from concept to completion. Rhythmic integrity is very important to me, so I take pride in creating symmetrical and flowing spaces.”



Helen Toohey is an Architectural Technician at Hibou Design & Co. She assists our technologists by completing site surveys and drafting all furniture and construction plans. Before joining the Hibou team, Helen earned a DEC in Interior Design from Dawson College and a DEP in Residential and Commercial Drafting. She also worked in both an Interior Design and Civil Engineering firm, giving her a super strong competitive edge when it comes to working on design plans and establishing beauty through symmetry. “I love combining my background as an Interior Designer and skills as an Architectural Technician to bring creativity into the technical aspects of our projects!”



Jill Quenneville is an Administrative Assistant at Hibou Design & Co. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts and Science, with a specialty in Leisure Sciences. After acting as a manager at Sports Experts for 11 years, Jill brought her love of people and problem-solving to Hibou. Her flexibility and willingness to learn ensure the office runs smoothly behind the scenes. “I love helping people. My goal is to ease my team’s stress level in some way, so they can focus on what they do best – which is design! It’s amazing to be a part of such a special group and watch the company grow.”



Julie Bisson is the Store Manager at our sister company, Hibou Home. She studied English Literature at the University of Ottawa and has held a variety of professional roles, including B2B Sales and Marketing Coordinator in Toronto, an English teacher in Colombia, South America, and a Social Worker at the City of Ottawa. Not only is Julie super detail-oriented, but she’s an absolute people person – great with clients and suppliers, and really anyone who walks into the store or cafe. It should be noted that her love for design is not lost in this hands-on role. “I’m passionate about home decor and design. I’m inspired by all the pretty finishes, mood boards, and design concepts that our designers dream up.”