Our Services


Many now realize how important home is to us all. We have been offering virtual design services for years and have serviced clients all over the world from Toronto to Saudi Arabia. We make it simple, easy and as custom and personalized as our traditional face to face consultations. In fact, other than actually meeting our clients in person, our process isn’t all that different at all. 

The Process

It all begins with a “discovery call” to understand the general scope of work. At this time, we ask our clients to send photos of the rooms they’d like to work on. The next step is to schedule a virtual consultation, where together with the client we review the goals of the project. Much like we’d do during an in-person consultation, we’ll review the clients’ needs, what they’d like the space to look and feel like, how they’ll be using the space as a family, what pieces they’d like to keep and what they’d like to replace. The virtual consultation will inform the scope of the project, the budget, timelines and our processes moving forward. 

The following day, we develop and send the estimate for the project. Once the estimate is approved, we begin our work on the design concept, which will be presented to the client via concept boards accompanied by photos and videos of product samples.  Our clients also receive a hard copy of the design presentation in the mail, complete with samples that they can see and touch in person. Once the list of products is approved, we place orders and coordinate all deliveries ahead from our offices, like we normally would do.

The Clients

Our business has always been about evolving to meet each client’s intricacies. Some people prefer to be heavily involved in the design process, while others look for a totally hands-off experience. Some people have a foggy idea of what they want, but need professional guidance to fine-tune the overall plan and execute the vision. On the other hand, some clients come armed with a great sense of style, but have no interest in all the coordinating and work that happens behind the scenes of a redesign. Our design services are catered to our client’s specific needs and preferences, providing a deeply personalized experience that is unique to each project.

The Information

Whether you are adding a few accessories to your decor or designing a complete home remodel, we can work with you to create your dream environment. For smaller scale projects, we ask that our clients send us pertinent information required for us to complete the design. We explain exactly how and what to measure in order for us to proceed. Rest assured that any orders placed for custom fit pieces will be professionally measured by the installer or manufacturer prior to fabrication. If your project is a larger home remodel that may require the skills of a professional surveyor, or if you’d rather be completely hands-off,  we will schedule a site survey of the property with a local surveyor in your region. 

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