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We’ve completed countless renovations throughout the years ranging from small bathroom updates to full home remodels and even large house extensions. What we’ve learned is that no two projects are alike. Each client is unique therefore each home is original. Our goal is to determine our client’s pain points with where they’re currently living and transform their home into a space that is beautiful and functional. We listen to their needs and provide solutions that will cater to their every request.

Our renovation services include

  • Working drawings; demolition, construction & electrical plans.
  • Design of custom cabinetry.
  • Selection of finishes; design concepts that include all material and fixed finishes.
  • Requesting quotes from trades & vendors.
  • Turn-key Design Coordination

Given all projects vary in scope, scale and aesthetic, we create structure by using systems and processes that take the renovation from start to finish seamlessly, in an organized and meticulous fashion. It’s a given that we’ll encounter some bumps along the way since it’s impossible to guarantee with 100% accuracy that there won’t be any changes or surprises to the plans once construction starts. However, that’s what our Design Coordination service is there for, to take what may seem like a problem or roadblock and come up with a solution that will not affect the outcome of the project. During this phase of the project is also when we’re busy placing orders, coordination deliveries and dealing with quality control. Find out more about the Hibou Design Process.

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