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New Constructions

Building your dream house?

We usually prefer to be implicated in the process as early as possible to review plans with the architect to make sure there aren’t any major changes before plans are approved for permits. Once exteriors plans and elevations have been confirmed, our work begins. We will make sure the interior layout fits the way your family lives. We account for every detail right down to fitting the right furniture throughout the home.

Once permits are received on the layout, the fun begins. Our clients don’t have to worry about sourcing anything, and in a new build, there’s definitely a lot to source! Some are obvious like the tiles, cabinetry, and countertops, but there’s a lot of decisions to make that aren’t so obvious like the trim details and door hardware. Are we adding tile inlays? What about architectural details like dropped ceilings, corbeils and wall trim? We figure it all out so you don’t have to!

Our new build projects are usually turn-key so that we have full control of what goes in and to assure that no detail is overlooked. Taking an empty lot from dirt to dream home is not an easy task and we know that there are a lot of moving parts to coordinate. Once the conceptual work has been completed and we’re all set on the direction for the colour palette, finishes, and overall aesthetic, our logistical experience and expertise kicks in.

Our Design Coordination service includes

  • Placing all orders
  • Coordinating deliveries
  • Dealing with damaged or defective products
  • Comprehensive site visits throughout the renovation to make sure that everything is being installed as per our specifications and that the construction is running smoothly.

If, and when, we encounter any bumps in the road, we will be there to address the issue and find a solution before it brings any stress to our clients.¬†Building a new home is a big project and the main benefit is not that we will make your home beautiful, that’s a given! It’s that we will be there to follow the project so that our clients can continue with their own careers and so that the construction does not have a negative impact on their lives.

Check out our Hibou Design Process for more details on how we take a project from beginning to end or contact us today to schedule our first meeting.

Condos & Developers

If you’re purchasing a new condo or townhouse and find yourself overwhelmed with the finish selection, layout tweaks, and lighting plan, we may be able to answer all of your questions after just one consultation with the builders.

We will schedule a working consultation at the showroom to;

  • Review your plans & make adjustments to the interior divisions.
  • Review electrical and assure correct placement of the light fixtures.
  • Select all of the hard finishes like tile, flooring, and cabinetry.
  • Select paint colours.

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