Our Services

New Constructions

Building your dream home?

Taking an empty lot from dirt to dream house is a big undertaking, but with Hibou Design & Co., we understand the finer details that go into the planning, sourcing and coordinating so you can focus on how it’s going to feel the moment you walk through the new front door of your perfect home.

From reviewing architectural plans to sourcing obvious and not-so-obvious details like tiles, cabinetry, inlays, corbels or wall-trim, we’ll be on hand to support you 100% of the way through the design and build process, casting our expert eye over every design and material choice to make sure that the end result is a much-loved home that fits the way your family lives.

By asking the right questions and working closely with contractors and craftsmen, we’ll use our extensive experience and in-depth understanding of the design process to deliver a turn-key home that meets your every expectation.

Our Design & Coordination Service Includes

  • Reviewing plans prior to permit application
  • Sourcing materials and finishes according to your design palette
  • Ordering and coordinating deliveries
  • Liaising with builders and contractors
  • Liaising with suppliers, including dealing with damaged or defective products where necessary
  • Coordinating site visits to ensure the smooth running of the construction project
  • Overseeing the final implementation of design choices including paint, lighting and furniture placement

Should the project encounter bumps in the road, you can trust Hibou Design & Co. to use our expertise and knowledge to smooth the path and get things back on track before it has a chance to cause you any undue stress.

Take a look at the Hibou Design Process to see how we manage a new construction project from conception to handover, or contact us today to be added to our wait list. 

Condos & Developers

Even when the building and permits process is out of your hands, selecting finishes and making layout tweaks or envisioning a great lighting plan in your new build condo or townhouse can be overwhelming.

Hibou Design & Co.’s Design service will take care of the details in one working consultation at the developer’s showroom, lending an expert eye and ensuring your final choices fit your lifestyle and budget.

Schedule an appointment with Hibou Design & Co. at the developer’s showroom to:

  • Review site plans and make adjustments to interior divisions
  • Review electrical plans and ensure the ideal placement of lighting and outlet fixtures
  • Select hard finishes like tile, flooring and cabinetry
  • Select paint colours