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Furniture & Décor

How often do you entertain, and for how many? Who does the laundry? How tall is the tallest person in your household?

These kinds of questions, many of them seemingly unconventional, are what give the expert design team at Hibou Design & Co. the kind of essential insights into your lifestyle that will ultimately lead us to creating a space that’s perfectly suited to your unique needs.

Starting with a blank slate, we bring colour and life to all the details as we build a picture of what works for you – and what doesn’t. Hibou Design & Co.’s experienced designers consider every detail as we conceptualize and then create a space that’s an exact fit for you and your lifestyle.

Our decor services include

  • Creating furniture and room layout plans
  • Sourcing wall covering and paint colours
  • Sourcing fabrics, lighting, window coverings and furniture
  • Placing orders and coordinating deliveries
  • Managing suppliers and dealing with any quality control issues

Using our meticulous systems to stay organized during the conceptual portion of the décor process, Hibou Design & Co. aims to coordinate most, if not all deliveries for the same day, in preparation for our favourite part of a Furniture & Decor project: Staging Day.

After shopping for the small accessories that bring a space to life like pillows, throws and table décor, we perfectly place every detail, then set the tone with candles, scents and music as we wait for our clients to walk through the door and see their newly-recreated, beautifully decorated space for the first time.

Schedule an appointment with the Hibou Design & Co. team today to discuss your room or home makeover.