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Furniture & Decor

Our decor projects usually start with a blank slate, whether it’s just for one room or an entire home. Our process starts with getting to know our clients and how they will be using their space. We want to know about each of the members of the family. We ask questions like; how often do you entertain and for how many? Who does the laundry? How tall is the tallest person in your household? Questions that may seem unconventional, but that ultimately lead us to put together a space that uniquely fits our client’s needs.

Our decor services include

  • Creating furniture plans.
  • Sourcing furniture, fabrics, window coverings, & lighting.
  • Wall coverings and paint colour specification.
  • Placing all orders.
  • Coordinating deliveries.
  • Dealing with any quality control issues.

We have processes that we follow that effectively get us through the conceptual portion but also allow us to coordinate almost all of the deliveries for the same day. Which brings us to our Staging Day, the day where it all comes together. In preparation for our Staging Day, we shop all of the small accessories like pillows, throws, and table decor, and then we bring it all over, accept the furniture deliveries, place the furniture and accessories, and wait for our clients to come home. We light the candles, play some music, and set the tone to a perfectly decorated space for our big reveal. Find out more about the Hibou Design Process here, or contact us today to schedule your first consultation.

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