Now this is luxury: a two-bedroom suite in one of the most sought-after condominiums in Canada, Les Tours des Canadiens.

It was an unusual project for us. That’s because, with its location in the heart of Montreal’s hockey action, it was not intended as a residence. Instead, our clients wanted us to create a comfortable entertainment space for their guests and business contacts pre-puck drop. It was also meant as accommodation for out-of-town suppliers and clients visiting the city.

Given the fact that no one would actually stay here for any extended period of time, we were free to focus on design and not have to consider all the usual condo practicalities such as storage. We stickhandle it all. We started from scratch, furnishing everything right down to the linens and cutlery. We gave the space a slightly masculine edge, and included a large round table on which we could easily imagine an impromptu meeting – or a friendly game of poker. The result? A high design space that is modern, light and airy.

Our clients, who never saw the suite until the day of the photo-shoot were thrilled, especially as they didn’t have to do any heavy lifting -- or sweating of the small stuff. You could say, we scored.