Do you ever enter a room and, although its furnishings may be nothing special, it all comes together like a decorating magazine shoot? Have you ever seen a marriage of styles, perhaps Italian modern mixed with elegant antiques, and it not only works but is also “wow”? How about how architectural details in some homes “pop” while, in others, they are just background?

Whether you want to set a mood, set off your space or spruce up your home for resale, it’s all about the colour.

The right paint palette can enlarge a room, enhance furnishings, showcase a fireplace, brighten a corridor and make one space flow into another.  It can play with dimensions, create illusions, lend harmony and stretch boundaries. 

Colour can make a bedroom become more restful, a living room more polished, a dining room more sophisticated, a kitchen more inviting. 

There’s a lot of power in that wall of colour chips at the paint store. But how do you harness it?

Today, there are hundreds of shades of white, let alone lilac or lemon. Clients often have an idea of what they want but just can’t decide on the right tones.  It’s so overwhelming that the search too often ends with a safe cream or, worse, the wrong green or grey. The paint goes on the walls, the recommended complementary colours on the trim, but the result disappoints – and you just don’t quite understand why.

Colour will either tie your space together or tear it apart. It is the very foundation of your décor. You might absolutely love every single piece of furniture, art and accessory in your room but, with the wrong walls, they just won’t work.

What’s more, good paint is costly. It should be an investment in your home. 

It takes an experienced, expert eye to choose the correct colours to complement every piece in your room. This is where Hibou Design & Co. can help. 

We have not only been choosing colour for our clients since 2008 but we are also Quebec's first and only certified Maria Killam True Colour Experts. We've also attended workshops with Canada's leading colour designer, Janice Lindsay

Our colour consultations will take us through your home. We will listen to your ideas and incorporate your personal style.  We will consider the fixed elements such as brick walls, kitchen counters or broadloom-covered floors. We will ask about your favourite colours and the furnishings you would love to stand out. We look at the light in the room and how it hits each wall. And, of course, we will bring samples.

In just a couple of hours, we will help you produce a palette that takes a room, a hall or an entire home from dull to dazzling. You’ll colour with confidence and gain insight into where your next project may take you. And you will have indulged in design in the most elemental fashion.

Where? Your home
When? On a bright and sunny day
How long? up to 2 hours
How much? $250

See what client's have to say about our colour consultations:

"I have recently used the color consultation service and was highly satisfied with it.  Eugenia quickly understood my style, was very easily approachable, and came up with color suggestions that pleased the entire family.  This was definitely a nice investment!"




"I recently bought a house with my boyfriend. Although we wanted to take care of everything ourselves, one of my friends highly recommended Eugenia Triandos for a color consultation. Intrigued by my friend’s enthusiasm, and a bit overwhelmed by my cathedral ceilings and open spaces, we decided to meet with her for a two hour color consultation at home. When I opened the door, Eugenia was already making notes and telling us that the yellow painted door and windows (a horrible idea from the previous owner) did not match the pink undertone of the brick! She was so passionate about it, we liked her instantly! She looked around the (completely empty) house, and looked at pictures of our furniture, and she just knew exactly what we wanted! She suggested colors for every room and we were so excited because every idea was dead on. She has an incredible eye for color. She created a beautiful palette, and suggested a few things around the house that we hadn’t thought about, like painting the railing, which is going to make all the difference. All in all, we were sooo happy to have met her. Even my boyfriend, who was at first reluctant at the idea of submitting his interior to a designer's tastes, agrees now that hiring her was a very good investment. We can truly say that she made a huge difference in our renovating project! Thanks Eugenia!"



"We hired Hibou Design for a color consultation and we are very happy with the results and the consultation itself! Eugenia and her assistant were absolutely fantastic! She came up with a great choice of colors, gave us a ton of design/decor advise and answered our follow up questions. 
We highly recommend Hibou Design! - super professional, friendly ladies with great taste and eye! Hope to work with you again.

Many thanks for all your help!"



"We hired Hibou Design for a colour consult and design advice and they went above our expectations. We met with Eugenia at our new condo: she was kind and very receptive.

She managed to beautifully reconcile my spouse and I's different design styles and gave us good advice. After our consult, she remained very responsive to our emails and questions. 

We are planning on renovating our kitchen in a year and are already excited to have Hibou Design fulfillthis project!"




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