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    We've said this before and we'll say it again, a client who trusts the design process yields the best results. Sometimes it takes a few interactions to build that trust and sometimes it's immediate but as soon as the client allows us to take the lead on the project, we all feel the beginnings of something great! 


    The family from our Labreche St. Project proved our theory once again. They were not only a pleasure to work with but their design aesthetic jived with ours and when we suggested anything that they were unsure about, they always decided to trust our judgment and take the plunge. From a designer's standpoint, it's a great feeling because we know we have the opportunity to make our vision come to life, but it's definitely a lot more responsibility and pressure for us because we know we are ultimately entirely responsible for the outcome.  An outcome that both our team and our clients were thrilled about!


    The project started with some small renovation work. We changed the entrance and kitchen tile, restained the floors and staircase, ran some new electrical, painted and changed some hardware. During that time, we were busy drafting furniture plans, sourcing decor, planning, and placing orders for furniture. 



    We layered neutrals and natural textures in the family room, something we love doing! By bringing in wood, leather, concrete, and straw in the baskets, we were able to add depth to an otherwise neutral space. The rug is the only element of color in the room and what pulls all of the neutrals together.



    The existing fireplace was covered with this beautiful Compac Unique Calacatta slab that we repeated on the countertop of the bar that we added in the dining room. If you follow us on Instagram, you know what this fireplace looked like before renos and it was sad. We now made it a focal point of this open concept, while keeping it light, airy and luxurious.



    The kitchen was updated with a huge impact. I may decide to post some before and after photos of this one in a separate blog post despite the fact that I thoroughly dislike before shots. This one may actually be worth showing. We didn't change the big ticket items like the cabinetry or the countertop. Instead, we changed the floors from a beige dated tile to a beautiful dark slate. Changing the floor tile is what made the countertop work perfectly since they both have green undertones. We also changed the backsplash for a simple subway tile and the cabinet hardware and lighting to bring in a modern matte black. Pouf! An entirely new kitchen for a fraction of the price! 



    We toned down the colour in the family room to make up for a huge punch of colour in the dining room. We knew we wanted to add a built-in bar from the very start but since we weren't changing the cabinetry in the kitchen, this meant having to think outside the box. Instead of trying to match the kitchen and most likely miss, we opted to make it look like an entirely freestanding piece separate from the kitchen cabinetry. The only feature tying the two together are the cabinet pulls. The material we used for the custom bar was a painted MDF in Benjamin Moore CC-752 Miramichi, with oak shelves stained to match the flooring.



    The floating white oak shelves above the bar gave us a fun challenge during our Staging Day! This was the one hiccup we experienced with this project. When the shelves were installed, the client thought that they were too high and therefore too close to the wall sconces. We understood their concerns and went back and forth on whether or not we should have them lowered. We decided to wait until our Staging Day to see if we can pull it together and that we did! Once the accessories were placed that gave the shelves purpose, our clients were able to see our vision and we collectively decided to keep the shelves as is. We then added the wallpaper which added depth that's not too imposing.



    The last room we completed as part of this project was the front living room. A room used to entertain, take phone calls, and to provide something beautiful to look at when you first walk in. Since the living room sets the tone for the rest of the home, the same color palette used in the family room and dining room was carried through. Keeping it cohesive with natural tones, camel leather, mixed in with some brass, marble, matte black and jewel tone velvet. The rug in this room was back ordered and was the last piece we received before our shoot. We can't even express how much of a difference the rug made in the overall feel of the home, let alone the room. 




    Photography by Drew Hadley.


    As busy as we are closing up our year, we can't stop thinking about the Christmas Holidays. In case you weren't aware, we are closed for two weeks to spend some quality time with our loved ones. However, we won't leave without giving you some inspiration for the holidays.

    Winter has arrived and holiday decorating is almost or already here. There’s nothing more exciting than putting up your Christmas tree while listening to some Michael Bublé. Wouldn’t you agree? 

    Listed below are 4 tips to get you ready for the holidays!

    1. Table Arrangement

    Planning on having the family over for dinner? Here's how to have the perfect table arrangement. Get a centerpiece for the table. We absolutely love the look of garland. Add a few candles, some berries, and your table becomes very festive already!

    Photo Via Country Living

    2. Add a wreath

    Add a wreath to your front door to show some holiday spirit or better yet, hang some around the doors inside!

    3. Buy a Christmas tree & decorate

    There's nothing like a real tree! Yes, it's messy but the fresh holiday scents and the experience are completely worth it! You can pick out and even cut down your Christmas tree yourself at Quinn Farms. It's such a fun activity to do with the family or a loved one! Enjoy the time spent together decorating your tree with the endless possibilities of choices! I especially love this Winter Wonderland look!

    Photo Via Country Living

    4. Light up your house

    If we were as patient as the person who decorated their home below, we would be welcome in Whoville! I've seen many houses over the past few years who take the time to show off their Christmas spirit and it's especially great for the little ones.

    Photo Via DIY Network

    Hopefully, these few tips inspire you to be a little more festive this year! Just a few weeks left until the holidays and we haven't even bought our tree or started decorating. We are always so last minute, but who has time when work never quiets down? On that note, we want to give many thanks to all our clients who have allowed us to grow and work on so many beautiful projects this year. Merry Christmas everyone!


    Scandinavian interiors are known for their neutral colours, warm accents, and mid-century modern furniture. This minimalist style embraces simplicity. Want this look? Take note of our few tips on how to achieve your Scandinavian look below.

    1. Neutral Colours

    In most Scandinavian spaces, walls are kept white to keep a clean and simple look. Colours like white, grey, and blacks, are most likely to be your colour palette. However, you can bring in soft, pastel colours. Find our favourite whites here.

    Photo Via Est Living 

    Photo Via My Domaine

    2. Light Flooring

    In order to keep your Scandinavian feel, you must have light floors. Whether it be your traditional light wood floors or white/grey tiles, this allows the space to feel bright & airy.

    3. Wood & Metal Finishes

    A minimalist design can be plain and boring, if not accomplished correctly. It's all about layering neutrals and natural textures. Bringing in wood through your furniture pieces allows your space to feel cozy - A simple way to make your room brighter without using bold colours. Adding metal finishes really ties the space together whether it be through your lighting or accent pieces.

    Photo Via My Scandinavian Home

    4. Add plants

    Bring a little life in your home with plants. Don’t add anything too colourful, but the right amount of greenery is an important key to bringing your Scandinavian Decor to life.

    Photo Via Pinterest

    5. Clutter Free

    This may be a hard one for many people. Without realizing, we all have a tendency to clutter. In this type of design, less is more. If you want your space to feel calm and inviting, any unnecessary items must go!

    Photo Via Sophie Heawood

    6. Lighting

    I’ve found that Scandinavian interior lighting is simple yet beautiful. I love the look of a wicker pendant, although the classic glass lighting fixtures compliment this design very well.

    Photo Via All About Interiors

    Photo Via Pinterest

    There is a fine line between simple and boring, but with these 6 tips on how to achieve your Scandinavian decor, you've got nothing to worry about!


    Our most recent project came to an end just in time for the holidays. We first saw the condo unit prior to the completion of the construction in mid-August, which allowed our clients to give us a clean slate to work with. Starting a design with a blank canvas is always fun because you can let your imagination carry you.

    Our clients fully trusted us with everything that was presented, making very few adjustments to our initial concept. Their only request was to have a pop of colour in their decor. After our first in-store shopping day, we were able to finalize 90% of their home.  What a success!



    The warm tones of the kitchen created a perfect backdrop for these stitched camel leather stools, that remind us of a baseball glove.



    Thin black metal details were carried throughout the open concept. Scaling back the kitchen pendants allowed the sculptural, oversized lighting in the dining room to take center stage.



    The jewel-toned teal, found in the dining chairs, was the client's choice for the pop of colour. We then carried that same palette throughout their living room by incorporating the accent colour in the throw cushions and a faux-fur throw.



    The white walls gave us contrast in order for the bold shades of teal to pop, in addition, we used a black wallpaper accent with gold metallic detail to complete the space.

    With such a modern and more masculine living space, we felt the need to let our client have a little fun in her bedroom… and what a great husband, he gave her the go for PINK!

    Soft and girly was our main objective for the bedroom. We opted for hanging pendants as opposed to traditional table lamps. The marble-topped nightstands with light oak drawers and a creamy headboard brought everything together.



    This project met completion within 3 months of our first encounter with the clients. Usually, there are back and forths with decisions on design, but they made everything so simple! Trusting our expertise, they were able to enjoy their new purchase ever so quickly. We hope they love living and entertaining in their new home! To see the full project, head over to our portfolio.


    Today we're sharing some photos of a condo decor project that we recently completed. Our client initially hired us for a simple colour consultation to help with the paint colours for her new home and she ended up moving forward with the decor of her living room and dining room. We don't professionally photograph our projects unless we designed every aspect of the space or if it all falls into our general aesthetic. Because our client opted to keep the existing stone wall and stainless fireplace, we didn't totally think it fit in our portfolio, but we love the results anyway and this one is totally worth sharing!


    Let's start by giving you a bit of background on the homeowner. She recently moved out on her own so she was starting from scratch. It's her first home and her first project of this scale of course so she sought our help in bringing it all together and making it look all cohesive. To be completely honest, our presentation was totally out of the norm because it was the first time that our client was not thrilled with what we were showing her. She didn't grasp what her space would feel like from our concepts and she was very unsure about what she wanted. We knew in that moment that this project was going to take a bit more work but we were determined to make our client happy! We scheduled a day of in-store shopping to browse pieces that would catch her eye to gain a better perspective of what our client's aesthetic would be. During that process, we both were able to narrow in on what she liked and disliked. It was a step that we had to go through, in this case, to help our client understand her personal taste and to help us provide it to her. 


    She was ultimately looking for punchy accents, sophisticated lines, and colour. We explained that colour is only really appreciated and seen against a solid bright backdrop which is why we opted for a white rug and coffee table. The couch was finished in a stunning navy velvet and we brought accents of blush pink in the throw, pillows and dining room bench (which is not shown here). We didn't want to move the electrical and since the pendant in the dining room was placed so close to the wall, the only solution was a bench on that side of the live edge table. The stunning custom light fixture hanging over the dining table is accentuated by the two large, round mirrors that reflect it and bring in some light. The view from this unit demanded that we leave the windows bare. With no need for privacy or to block direct sunlight since there is no TV in the room, this was a no-brainer. 



    Despite our rocky start, the client is happy with the results, as are we, and we're pleased with the experience it provided. It's easy for us to always share our best projects, our happiest clients and all the fun stuff that comes with being an interior designer, but that's not reality. We also have our "Oh no!" moments and they've always been a huge part of our growth. With this one we've learned that if we can't wow our client during that first presentation, we can always work through it to make sure our clients get exactly what they are looking for from our services.


    Since the birth of baby Liam, Korina’s newest addition, we’ve had a bad case of baby fever. So we decided to round up a few inspiring nurseries for our readers to join in on our excitement. Listed below, are 5 nursery designs that will help you get ready for the big day!


    1. The thematic design


    (Designed by TOUIJERDESIGNS. Photo via Project Nursery)


    Have fun and explore the possibilities of creating a theme for your nursery. This theme is based on outdoors and adventures. We love the painted mountain peaks and the use of different hues in order to create depth. Creating a focal point allows you to keep the rest of your furniture neutral. Note that the theme is still very subtle. The worst thing you can do is overload on Winnie the Pooh decals! 


    2. Gender neutral


    (Designed by Akin Design Studio. Photo via HGTV)

    Keeping your main furniture pieces white and adding soft colours will keep your nursery fit for both genders! Perfect for those who decide to keep the gender unknown until birth.


    3- Colourful nursery


    (Designed by Inside Out. Photo via Tinyme)


    A modern and eclectic take on a nursery design. This design style is fun for all ages to grow into because of the use of many different colours. Instead of keeping your furniture pieces neutral, this a great way to keep your walls neutral and have fun with colour in your decor!


    4. Baby girl


    (Designed by Ivy & Stone.Photos via Style me pretty)


    If there’s ever a time you wanted to pair pink and floral together, when having a baby girl, you can! The colour pink tends to be feminine and therefore is considered girly, which gives us the perfect opportunity to go all out for a baby girl’s room. With soft pinks, whites, and warm wood tones, this nursery design is every mother’s dream to have.


    5. Baby boy


    (Designed by Hibou Design & Co.)


    This little boy’s nursery has the perfect combination of soft colours and warm tones. We love painted designs or wallpaper on a crib wall because it fills the empty space without any additional furniture.


    Expecting a child on the way is always a stressful yet exciting moment. Therefore, I'm sure you have many ideas for designing your baby's room and we hope these have helped make a decision in which direction to take!


    We recently had the pleasure of creating a whimsical surprise for two young children. While they were away on a weekend family trip, we redecorated their two rooms and credited the Christmas elves. They came home to a total overhaul of their spaces, all courtesy of their Elf on the Shelf.

    Our little boy's current obsession is helicopters so we ran with it. This custom mural set the scene and became the focal point of the room. Its saturated colours were repeated on the rug and in some of the art and accessories, while the rest of the room remained neutral.


    We gave him a space to store his toys and display some photos and a personalized bean bag that provided some seating.



    The challenge in this room was to come up with a storage solution for the child's clothing since there is no closet in his bedroom. We were able to pull off an exposed hanging section since, given his age, he doesn't have many articles, so it will not look cluttered. We first mounted wooden shelves from V de V and then used a curtain rod from West Elm to create the pole.





    His sister's room is everything a 7-year-old would wish for. The headboard wall is accentuated using a Harlequin wallpaper that we love. It's whimsical and fun, yet sophisticated enough for her to grow into.





    Facing her bed, she has the perfect reading corner on her kid-size sectional, under her new pink canopy lit by tiny string lights. Since our little client had tons of family photos that meant so much to her, we installed a gallery wall over the sectional to display them along with some fun prints.




    Fluffy pillows and ottomans create extra seating and add depth, while her workspace gives her a corner for her to do her homework.



    Our clients shared a video of the reveal with us that almost made us cry. Seeing these children light up at the sight of their new rooms was probably our most rewarding reaction we've ever witnessed from our clients! Screams, squeals and all!


    Every once in a while, we are blessed with an exceptionally easy client and this one is one of them. Our Winchester client was such a pleasure to work with and truly trusted our opinions which yielded some of our favourite results. The mandate started with the decor of her living room, master bedroom and her son's room and moved on to the renovation of a full bath.

    Although this old Westmount townhouse had beautiful bones, the challenge with this property was the crooked walls and working around the original plaster crown mouldings. Our trusted trades skillfully installed our designs without any hiccups.




    This bathroom renovation features a custom floating walnut vanity. The Carrara marble countertop is repeated on a sill in the shower and we've carried through the graphic Italian imported tile from the kitchen to this bathroom floor. We had fun playing around with a pattern for the floor tile that slopes right down to the linear drain in the shower. It took a long brainstorming session between the designer, the contractor and the tile installer to make sure our vision was feasible. The bonus in this reno was when we removed the heater cover to expose an original wall mounter water heater with beautiful detail. Our original plan was actually to remove it and replace it with a baseboard heater and a wall mounted heated towel bar. Instead, we ended up keeping the original heater exposed and slapping on a fresh coat of paint, which added to the character of this bathroom as we now see modern, clean finishes adjacent to an original element of the home. 




    By: Eugenia Triandos


    We're so happy with the results of our recently photographed project. This was one where we started with a major home renovation and ended with the decor of the main living spaces. When we first walked into this home, the kitchen was placed in the center of the house with absolutely no natural light and low ceilings. 

    The first step was to renovate. We turned a three season solarium into a home extension to accommodate the new dining room, tore down a few walls to extend the kitchen and refaced the fireplace in the living room. The result - an open common living space, flooded with natural light that carries through from the front to the back of the house. The focal point is the kitchen featuring a 14 foot island that runs through the center of the home and divides the living room and dining room. The outdoor space was impeccably designed which creates the perfect backdrop to the understated dining room with wall to wall windows. 






    All of the colours, fixed finishes and decor added to the overall light feeling of this home. We kept the theme going with lots of white, soft blues, warm woods and leather. The flooring is a natural walnut which was repeated with a waterfall countertop on the island and carried through to the fireplace mantle, the inside of the built in buffet and some of the furniture. 






    Phase two was to furnish the living room, kitchen and dining room. Our client really wanted to achieve a casual, comfortable feeling which kept the space light and airy. We opted for white slip-covered upholstery, a pale blue rug and a warm camel ottoman that can double as a coffee table with the right tray.




    In the dining room, we specified a stunning Ethan Allen dining table and our favourite upholstered Crate & Barrel dining chairs. The white Hudson Valley pendant over the dining table really stands out since it's surrounded by so much greenery. Our client’s existing outdoor living space became an extension of the decor since it incorporates all of the right colours; beautiful greens and blues. 




    The last step to any decor project is when we come in with tons of small accessories and stage the client's home to make it "photoshoot ready". Then our clients get to pick and choose the pieces they'd like to keep and we return the rest. It's the most fun in-home shopping experience and it allows us to see and photograph our interiors exactly how we envisioned them. A win/win that’s the perfect conclusion to any project. It’s always bittersweet closing a mandate of this scale - specially since we enjoyed working with these clients so much. Which is why we were thrilled when our clients told us they’d like to move on to their office and bedroom decor next and a full basement renovation next year!



    By: Eugenia Triandos


    For most of our projects, a big portion of getting it right is understanding our client's needs and lifestyle. We need to learn details about how they use their space, what they need storage for, and what we can do to make their home work efficiently for them. We recently had the pleasure of working on a special project because it's not our typical residence that would be eventually occupied by our clients. This project was different because we were hired by a business and mandated to create an entertainment space where they can host their friends and suppliers as well as a stay for out of town guests and business contacts visiting Montreal. This meant that we simply needed to focus on aesthetics and we didn't have to take into consideration practical solutions that would otherwise dictate our design - like storage for example. The result; a high design condo that is light and airy. 

    Although storage and comfortable extended stays were not a high priority, nailing our client's design aesthetic still was. We worked closely with our client to understand how she wanted her condo to look and feel and we're both very happy with the results. Her tastes had us layering textures and patterns while keeping the colours scheme neutral. We incorporated black and brass accents throughout and played with furs, knits and cowhides. 

    Our clients purchased two units at the Tour des Canadiens condos downtown and played with the layout to create one two bedroom condo that is open and roomy - both hard to find at the well-known Canadiens development. 

    We start by walking into a large entrance that we filled with elements that set the tone for the rest of the decor. One of our favourite rooms in the unit, this expansive vestibule was furnished with seating, a warm rug and a long console that fill the long hall perfectly.


    Check out this beauty of a rug that we're slightly obsessed with!



    The small kitchen is perfect for its intended use, therefore it was left untouched. We created an environment for entertaining by adding stools by the island and a bar that can be filled with refreshments for guests. Because the building is linked to the Bell Center, where the Canadiens hockey games are held, hockey had a small influence on the art selected. We found these great hockey patents on Etsy that we had framed locally.



    The dining room and living room are both simple and understated, allowing the view from the 38th floor to take center stage.




    The master bedroom is another favourited room in the condo. We had enough square footage to create a cozy seating area by the wall mounted TV, and just enough room to squeeze in a king bed with two small end tables.




    This was truly a turn-key service that we provided to the client. Our client actually never saw the progress until we handed over the keys on the day of our photoshoot. We really took care of everything from A to Z. We were there to schedule and supervise the trades, accept all deliveries, to place the furniture and hang the art, even to run the laundry and make the beds. We sourced everything you need to stay the night - we even fully stocked the kitchen. It was a wonderful experience to work with such easy going clients who knew exactly what they wanted. Amazing clients truly do yield amazing results and we're excited to work with them again! Check out the full project on our portfolio.

    Are you looking for a full service design firm to take your project to the next level? Contact us to book a consultation!

    By: Eugenia Triandos


    Wall treatments date back as early as the 1400’s and most of us will agree that they remind us of our grandparent’s house; outdated. However, it continues to evolve into modern day society. Wallpaper can definitely make an appealing decorative statement, but at the same time can direct you towards a certain style. It helps warm a space, create a statement, or simply add some depth to an otherwise lifeless wall. While you can use wallpaper almost anywhere, we love using them in entrances and powder rooms. These are two rooms that usually don't have much space for anything else decorative, so our solution is usually to dress the walls. 

    In smaller spaces, adding a bold pattern or color as an accent really enhances a room’s design. Using geometric shapes such as linear patterns, hexagons, triangles, etc., adds a visually appealing aspect to your home while keeping it timeless. There are many creative ways to freshen up your home even if that means simply repurposing the back of a bookcase with decorative wallpaper.

    Here are a few pro tips;

    • For every design, our rule of thumb is to keep the pattern fun yet moderate. We never want the wallpaper to take over our design. 
    • Always confirm quantities with your installer before purchasing. Pattern repeats and different widths make wallpaper difficult to calculate on your own and expensive if you get it wrong.
    • Hire a professional installer. For the price of the paper these days, you definitely don't want to take a chance in having it installed poorly. Save yourselves both the headache (it's not easy) and the cost of having to start from scratch. Trust us - we've seen our share of DIY's gone wrong.
    • Lastly, don’t be afraid! That outdated wallpaper has now evolved into something current and elegant. So dress up those bare walls with some creativity to create an impactful statement within your home. 

    By: Melinda Recine

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Eugenia Triandos in Laval, QC on Houzz
Eugenia Triandos in Laval, QC on Houzz
Eugenia Triandos in Laval, QC on Houzz
Eugenia Triandos in Laval, QC on Houzz
Eugenia Triandos in Laval, QC on Houzz
Eugenia Triandos in Laval, QC on Houzz