We've been heading to Las Vegas Market now every year for the last three years. It's a large tradeshow for everything decor and furniture related. We're talking about 3 buildings with over 5 floors of showrooms. All of the best suppliers and manufacturers are there to showcase their new collections and talk shop. During the three days that we spend at this giant tradeshow, we network, attend seminars, learn about new lines and products and place a few orders for product. The first year we went was a learning experience where we were able to see the decorating industry from a different point of view. During the second year, we placed a few orders for pillows and small accessories for our design clients. This year was special because it was the first year that we brought Melinda with us and it was the first time going with the goal of selecting pieces for our upcoming online shop. We've opened some exciting new accounts and we've hand-curated a good selection of products that represent our design aesthetic and our brand. We basically went shopping for all of you!



    Over the next few weeks, we'll be working on getting our products on a list, editing and eliminating and bringing the selection down to the best. Fingers crossed that we're just four short weeks away from launching Hibou Home officially.



    One highlight from the trip is that we'll be introducing a new line of rugs from Loloi.



    We also had loads of fun with Melinda this time. It was her first time in Vegas so we showed her around and traveling with her further confirmed what we already knew about her; she's a real team player and the perfect fit for our Hibou family!




    And of course, it couldn't be all work, we had to squeeze in some fun!


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    Wall treatments date back as early as the 1400’s and most of us will agree that they remind us of our grandparent’s house; outdated. However, it continues to evolve into modern day society. Wallpaper can definitely make an appealing decorative statement, but at the same time can direct you towards a certain style. It helps warm a space, create a statement, or simply add some depth to an otherwise lifeless wall. While you can use wallpaper almost anywhere, we love using them in entrances and powder rooms. These are two rooms that usually don't have much space for anything else decorative, so our solution is usually to dress the walls. 

    In smaller spaces, adding a bold pattern or color as an accent really enhances a room’s design. Using geometric shapes such as linear patterns, hexagons, triangles, etc., adds a visually appealing aspect to your home while keeping it timeless. There are many creative ways to freshen up your home even if that means simply repurposing the back of a bookcase with decorative wallpaper.

    Here are a few pro tips;

    • For every design, our rule of thumb is to keep the pattern fun yet moderate. We never want the wallpaper to take over our design. 
    • Always confirm quantities with your installer before purchasing. Pattern repeats and different widths make wallpaper difficult to calculate on your own and expensive if you get it wrong.
    • Hire a professional installer. For the price of the paper these days, you definitely don't want to take a chance in having it installed poorly. Save yourselves both the headache (it's not easy) and the cost of having to start from scratch. Trust us - we've seen our share of DIY's gone wrong.
    • Lastly, don’t be afraid! That outdated wallpaper has now evolved into something current and elegant. So dress up those bare walls with some creativity to create an impactful statement within your home. 

    By: Melinda Recine


    I had the pleasure of working with an old client/friend this week while styling her home for a much overdue photo shoot. This project was completed 3 or 4 years ago and I just recently got the push to have it photographed after the Montreal Gazette asked me for pictures for an article about small spaces. We worked with photographer, Telly Goumas who made this interior shine on a very foggy Sunday afternoon.

    What made this project so special was the 600 sq. ft. space and the fact that Anne and I shared similar taste in interiors. This loft in the old port featured high ceilings with exposed wood beams, original steel columns and historic floor to ceiling windows that really gave it some real Old Montreal charm. To give you a little background about the person occupying this wonderful home, Anne is a 28 year old ambitious social butterfly. Her place needed to be equally as comfortable for her living alone, as well as when entertaining. She's bubbly, friendly and full of personality but my favourite part about working with Anne was that she was not afraid to use colour - and that we did!

    Given the fact that we were working with such a small space, we incorporated several features to enhance storage and create intimacy while still providing an open area for entertaining. We tore down an existing wall in the kitchen to create a bar height counter, hid some useful storage in the banquette and used functional poufs and side tables that can double as extra seating. There's something about having a bed where you will be hosting parties that just doesn't work, which is why we opted for a murphy bed. Four years later, Anne still loves her bed and yes - it's very comfortable. 

    All of these details make Anne's cozy loft her perfect hangout, whether lounging alone or entertaining a party of 12.

    For before pictures, click here.


    As promised on my previous post, below you will find the BEFORE images of my siter and brother in law's new home.

    These are the scary images of the rooms that we're completely gutting and re building. The house actually has great bones. Good amount of space, a comfortable layout, great natural lighting and big windows. The really great thing is that besides the kitchen and bathrooms, we don't have to touch much else. The wood floors were beautifully redone and the main floor is wrapped in elegant wainscotting.

    They just started demolition. I'll keep you all up to date with the progress. Enjoy!

    Here's a better image of the nicer side of the house.

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    There are some pieces I own that I am so greatful for. This is one of those pieces that I think everyone should have at least one of in their home. The ever so versatile round side table. This one is mine, passed down from my grandmother that has so far had at least 3 purposes throughout it's lifetime. 

    It can be a simple side table used to fill a corner as seen here or on the side of a couch. It can also be used as a night table, or as an entrance table to fill in an otherwise useless space with a pretty vase in the center. I've even used it as a desk. It's the perfect height, it looks great from all angles and will pretty much fit into any room serving a different purpose.

    Here are some more examples:

    In the bedroom:

    Living room side table:

    The entrance centerpiece:

    Office tete-a-tete:

    I recently completed a kitchen renovation that consisted of opening up a closed concept kitchen, basically ripping down the walls and starting from scratch. The walls were covered in a faux brick finish so we didn't have much choice but to rip them down. 


    Not the best pictures but they give you a good idea of the drastic change this space went through.


    Here are the renderings of what the space was suppose to look like:


    We moved the microwave around for a more functional kitchen but overall, I think the renderings nailed it. Here's the finished result:

    The tiles used for the backsplash are Cuban cement tiles that weighed a ton but were worth the hassle of reinforcing the wall and having them shipped from the States. They've become the focal point that really makes this kitchen. They are from Avente Tile and can be ordered by phone or email.

    We really used every nook and cranny as efficiently as possible, while to trying to minimize clutter. You'll see below that we've created a counter top cabinet to store counter appliances like blenders, juicers, food processors. The stuff that you use on a reguler but don't want to leave hanging around on the counter. Having this cabinet makes them very accessible and easy to store.


    I'm really not a big fan of IKEA, I'm also really not big on DIY's, so a post like this is sure to be rare... Sometimes, however, like when you're moving to a new place with a list of rooms to fill - it can be the perfect solution for your wallet. Behold my new home office! I put this room together with a chair that was passed down from my grandmother that was reupholstered in my favorite color and two signature IKEA pieces. The first being the well know EXPEDIT shelving unit - now available in grey high gloss lacquer. The second being my big DIY. I purchased a solid, plain melamine desk top and 4 sculpted grey legs and I covered the desk top in a fun colorful fabric. Et voila! My perfect, fun, colorful office that I love to run to every morning in my pjs ;)