Art is a tricky one for us. We often get asked to source artwork for our clients and although we LOVE the idea, it is very time consuming and difficult since art is so personal. We can nail every aspect of a decor project but sometimes our clients vision of good art and our own simply don't align. Our concept boards usually include some inspiration prints to set the tone for the decor, which sometimes give our clients a direction to take when choosing their artwork, but that's as far as we'll take it.

    Now that you know we aren't art pros, let's make it clear that we totally appreciate beautiful pieces and we can spend hours browsing! Here are some of our top artists and photographers. You can thank us later!

    1. Georgianna Lane

    A photographer who has a passion for flowers, travel, and paris who creates stunning pieces of art. She has a natural talent for capturing the beauty in architecture and nature. You can find her work here.

    2. Ashley Woodson Bailey

    A self taught photographer who captures the beauty in flowers. Not only does she sell art prints, but wallpaper and fabrics as well. Visit her website here.


    3. Lysa Jordan

    A local Montreal based artist who creates beautifully hand painted abstract art. Visit her website here.


    4. Gray Malin

    A popular one but oh so good! Gray Malin is well known for his aerial beach shots. We love the whimsical feel in his shots and all of saturated or muted hues. He really has a unique eye for capturing something special. You can find his work here.




    4. Kristi Kohut

    If you're into bold, saturated colours, this is the artist for you. Her work feels playful and fresh and it's so simple but there's just something so eye-catching about it!