Today we're sharing some photos of a condo decor project that we recently completed. Our client initially hired us for a simple colour consultation to help with the paint colours for her new home and she ended up moving forward with the decor of her living room and dining room. We don't professionally photograph our projects unless we designed every aspect of the space or if it all falls into our general aesthetic. Because our client opted to keep the existing stone wall and stainless fireplace, we didn't totally think it fit in our portfolio, but we love the results anyway and this one is totally worth sharing!


    Let's start by giving you a bit of background on the homeowner. She recently moved out on her own so she was starting from scratch. It's her first home and her first project of this scale of course so she sought our help in bringing it all together and making it look all cohesive. To be completely honest, our presentation was totally out of the norm because it was the first time that our client was not thrilled with what we were showing her. She didn't grasp what her space would feel like from our concepts and she was very unsure about what she wanted. We knew in that moment that this project was going to take a bit more work but we were determined to make our client happy! We scheduled a day of in-store shopping to browse pieces that would catch her eye to gain a better perspective of what our client's aesthetic would be. During that process, we both were able to narrow in on what she liked and disliked. It was a step that we had to go through, in this case, to help our client understand her personal taste and to help us provide it to her. 


    She was ultimately looking for punchy accents, sophisticated lines, and colour. We explained that colour is only really appreciated and seen against a solid bright backdrop which is why we opted for a white rug and coffee table. The couch was finished in a stunning navy velvet and we brought accents of blush pink in the throw, pillows and dining room bench (which is not shown here). We didn't want to move the electrical and since the pendant in the dining room was placed so close to the wall, the only solution was a bench on that side of the live edge table. The stunning custom light fixture hanging over the dining table is accentuated by the two large, round mirrors that reflect it and bring in some light. The view from this unit demanded that we leave the windows bare. With no need for privacy or to block direct sunlight since there is no TV in the room, this was a no-brainer. 



    Despite our rocky start, the client is happy with the results, as are we, and we're pleased with the experience it provided. It's easy for us to always share our best projects, our happiest clients and all the fun stuff that comes with being an interior designer, but that's not reality. We also have our "Oh no!" moments and they've always been a huge part of our growth. With this one we've learned that if we can't wow our client during that first presentation, we can always work through it to make sure our clients get exactly what they are looking for from our services.